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As mentioned in previous posts, implementing FTP publishing has been taking up a lot of our time recently. Although CodeIgniter ships with a fully functional FTP library, the same does not apply for a sFTP library.

While working on this feature, we found several outdates code repositories out there, however none of them was working properly. Therefor, we had no other path forward than implementing our own CodeIgniter sFTP library. Past week we finally completed the sFTP code and made it available through a public Github repo: https://github.com/chillyorange/codeigniter-sftp-library. All the credit goes to our respected colleague Tapan for implementing this library. Hopefully it will be useful for other CodeIgniter developers as well!

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  • I’ve been following the progress of SBPro for some time, and when v1.05 comes out I will be signing up.

    Keep up the good work.

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