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It’s been a long time coming, but we’re very happy to finally announce SB Pro / Pagestead v1.0.4. It’s fair to say this our biggest update yet! In this blog post, I will touch on some of the more significant changes in this new version.

Paypal integration

Paypal integration was by far the most requested feature and we’re very glad it has finally made it’s way into SB Pro / Pagestead. Although Stripe is awesome and works like a charm, there are still quite a few countries out there where Stripe is not available. As of today, users from those countries can finally kick-start their DIY website builder SaaS by offering Paypal payments to their customers.

SB Pro / Pagestead will ask administrators to choose between either Stripe or Paypal in the payment settings. When Paypal is selected, packages created from that moment onwards will be using the Paypal payment gateway. We’d like to point out that packages using Paypal will always be connected to Paypal; it’s not currently possible to move a package from Stripe to Paypal or the other way around.

If you’re looking to use Paypal as your payment processor, please note you will need: a) a Paypal Business account and b) your account needs to be enable to accept Express Checkout payment for Digital Goods (depending on your account, you might need to reach out to Paypal customer support to activate this feature).

More options for membership packages

Another request we’ve seen numerous times involves additional options when creating membership packages. Initially, administrators could only configure the number of sites end-users were allowed to create, the publishing options and of course the price. With v1.0.4 we have added support for:

  • Enable/disable the export functionality
  • Maximum allows disk space for image uploads
  • Templates (define which templates end-users will have access to)

We’re planning on expanding the available options even further in the near future.

Better image library functionality

SB Pro / Pagestead’s image handling was rather limited in functionality; end-users could upload images, that was about it. With v1.0.4 we have added image cropping and resizing to give end-users more control over their images.

Controller function hooks

To satisfy the demand for easier modifications of SB Pro / Pagestead, we’re introducing our first round of controller hook points with v1.0.4. These hook points allow developers to modify controller functions without changing the original code. A more detailed description of this functionality can be found on our knowledge base. We will be adding additional hook points moving forward, if you find yourself in need of a hook point not currently available, please be sure to place a request in the forums (we will add every requested hook point, assuming it’s technically possible).

Optimizations to page and template previews

One of the biggest performance issues in SB Pro / Pagestead was caused by page and template previews being rendered inside iframes; meaning you could end up with dozens of iframes on the Sites panel or in the templates sidebar in the page builder. It goes without saying this slowed the application way down… not good! To solve this, SB Pro / Pagestead now uses image previews instead of iframes, significantly decreasing the application’s footprint and speeding up the load time.

Additional bug fixes and improvements

In addition to the items mentioned in this blog post, v1.0.4 contains a number of additional bug fixes and improvements. To see what else was accomplished, please have a look at the full changelog.

Auto update is not (yet) available for v1.0.4

Before we release an automated update, we always run a number of tests to make sure the update process works and does not break anything. During the testing process, we made an unfortunate discovery: we are not currently able to push v1.0.4 out as an automated updated 🙁 It turns out the update is so large, it clogs up the memory of the server receiving the update resulting in a 500 server error.

We’re currently looking into possible solutions and are modestly optimistic we will be able to come up with a fix. However, we can not currently make any official promise as to when/if an automated update will be released. Once we’ve got a solution in place, we’ll let everyone know.

Instructions for manually updating to v1.0.4 can be found on our knowledge base: If you find yourself in need of assistance with updating to the latest version, be sure to reach out via live web chat or post a message on the forums.

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    • Hi Ash,

      I’m afraid not quite yet. They’re getting close though, about 95% there. Completing these blocks and launching Enterprise is now our top priority.

  • Hey SBPro does not have Ecommerce or Blog capability yet right? So what are you using for the Blog section of your site? I’m just curious, I want to get sbpro but I need to be able to provide ecommerce and blog to my customers.

    • Hi Francis,

      That is correct; currently Pagestead does not offer typical blog or e-commerce functionality. E-commerce is planned to be implemented in the future. We are seeing more blogging requests coming in as well, so there’s a good chance we’ll implement that as well moving forward.

  • I want this Pagestead release to integrate in my website to enable my website users to create landing pages.
    With some modifications can I integrate in my ASP.NET website?

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