SB Pro v1.0.3 released


Today we are happy to announce the official release of SB Pro /┬áPagestead version 1.0.3. In this update, we’re dealing a with a number of bug fixes, enhancements to existing features and the implementation of the first step towards allowing for easier modification of SB Pro / Pagestead while maintaining upward compatibility.

Below I have listed some of the main items in this update (for a complete overview of changes, please have a look at our changelog):

  • Overriding default views (templates) with your own custom templates
  • New layout for the page builder (improved sidebars and style editor panel)
  • Clean markup for published pages
  • Set “title” and “alt” attributes for images
  • Fix for the bug where blocks reset to their original state upon dragging/dropping the block within the canvas
  • Numerous bug fixes

Plans for v1.0.4

Paypal integration is nearing completion (we’re currently in the testing phase) so all is looking good for the feature to make it’s way into v1.0.4. Additionally, we have the following items planned for the next update:

  • Cropping and resizing of images
  • Save blocks as favorites (allowing users to re-use their saved blocks)
  • Improvements to the Sites panel (in order to increase page load speed)
  • Enhancements of the packages feature; allow ADMIN’s to set restrictions on templates, allowed disk size for image uploads, exporting/publishing, blocks
  • And more!


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