Today we are┬áreleasing version 1.0.2 of SB Pro / Pagestead.┬áIn this update, we’re dealing with a number of bugs as well as a couple of improvements on existing features. For a full report, please have a look at our changelog page. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete Paypal integration and the planned sidebar update, so we’ll be moving those on to the v1.0.3 update.

Plans for v1.0.3

We currently have the following items scheduled for the v1.0.3 update. Please note that we’re not promising or guaranteeing these will make it into the next update. This list is just to share what we’re working on:

  • PayPal integration
  • Improvements to the sidebar / style editor panels
  • Improvements to the image library (offering cropping/resizing facilities)
  • and more!

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