SB Pro is now called Pagestead!


Yes, we did it! We went ahead and decided to changes names; SB Pro is now called Pagestead.

It took us a long while to decide on whether to change the name and even longer on what to change it to. We finally decided on Pagestead. We feel it has a nice ring to it and makes sense for this project. Additionally, it was available!

Why did we change the name

We actually have a number of reasons:

  1. “SB Pro” stood for “SiteBuilder Pro”. However, there already is a competing product with that name. Furthermore, this product does not exactly have a stellar reputation.
  2. We initially decided on SiteBuilder Pro / SB Pro since we have a Lite version named “SiteBuilder Lite”. However, simply because the we have a lite version was not enough reason to carry the same name for the premium version of the product. We feel that both products will be moving further away from each other in the future.
  3. For more than a year, we have been trying to acquire the domain name “”, without success. We still feel it’s important to own the .com domain for our business and it does not appear to be possible for us to acquire this domain name.
  4. We simply did not really like the SB Pro name, mainly because it does not have say anything about the project (unless you’d use the full name, SiteBuilder Pro, which we couldn’t and wouldn’t).

Why Pagestead

The “page” part obviously related to the stuff Pagestead makes: (web) pages. The second part, “stead”, points to a locality/place, hence a place where pages are being created. Additionally, “stead” can refer to an advantages, service or purpose. All relates nicely to what we’re trying to achieve with the Pagestead project.

Moving forward

Other than the new name, not much will change as far as our (potential) customers are concerned. Emails and updates will be branded as being from Pagestead. Other than that, it will be pretty much be business as usual.

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