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I’d like to take this opportunity to dive into some the things we have planned for our next major update: SB Pro / Pagestead v1.0.5.  To that end, below are five of the main items our engineering team is currently working on which will be available with the v1.0.5 update.

Front-end website built with SB Pro / Pagestead

The main aim of SB Pro / Pagestead is to offer digital agencies, marketeers, entrepreneurs and small businesses a turn-key solution allowing them to offer a professional DIY website builder to their customers. Until now, SB Pro / Pagestead has not offered any easy way to setup a complete front-end for your DIY website builder business. Many customers have been requesting a means to setup a nice homepage, about page, pricing page etc to help them sell their product.

Currently, you can add public page to SB Pro / Pagestead by adding them into the CodeIgniter framework (this knowledge base article explains the process in detail). This works ok for those who are comfortable coding PHP, however for those less technical inclined or those who simply don’t have the time code custom pages, a better solution is needed. For those people we’re implementing a new feature allowing you to build your public SB Pro / Pagestead site using SB Pro / Pagestead itself; simply create a site, use the page builder to design your page and set this site as your public facing SB Pro / Pagestead site.

Fully white label

This is a feature which often creates confusion and misunderstanding. Although it is allowed to remove all SB Pro / Pagestead branding from the entire application, “SB Pro” is used as a place holder in many parts of the application. Understandingly, this is causing some confusion with customers. They expect SB Pro / Pagestead to be without any sort of branding, however they are seeing “SB Pro” all over the place.

We’ll be taking care of this with the next update; we’ll make sure all SB Pro / Pagestead related branding is removed and we’ll provide an easy way to slap our own brand on the application.

FTP publishing

This is a feature we’re seeing requested frequently. FTP publishing is currently available in some of our other products (SB Lite and SB Laravel). However, with SB Pro / Pagestead we initially removed the FTP publishing feature and replaced it with more advanced publishing options (like publishing in a local sub folder or using a sub domain).

With version 1.0.5, we’ll be introducing FTP publishing in SB Pro / Pagestead, next to the existing publishing features.

Managing blocks and components from the admin area

Many customers are either using their own block templates or are looking to eventually do so. Currently, all block and component data is loaded from a static elements.json file. This makes managing your blocks and component a bit of a pain. To make adding custom blocks a simpler process, we’ll be introducing new admin panels to manage both your blocks and your components.

Through these admin panels, you can easily manage all the blocks and components used by your page builder.

Improved exporting functionality

The site export functionality has been a rather big pain point and improving this part of SB Pro / Pagestead has been on our wishlist for a long time. Currently when exporting a site, SB Pro / Pagestead ends up including ALL assets available to the end-user exporting the site. This means that if the end-user has 100 MB of images uploaded to the application, all of these images will make their way into the exported ZIP file. Obviously this is far from ideal. Therefor, with v1.0.5 SB Pro / Pagestead will only export those assets actually used by the pages being exported. All other assets will no longer be included.



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  • All these are good news.
    This about exporting is great.
    Hope that SFTP will be implemented too.
    Pagestead Lite can communicate only thru FTP, and it’s annoying.

  • Eager to get “Managing blocks” feature. I’d like this feature to has auto-thumbnail generation function.

    Another one related feature, is to add pre-publish processors. So it will bring ability to process html blocks to add some dynamic blocks, and this will help to integrate system with other solutions. E.g. change forms to integrate them with marketing solutions.

    • Hi Maksym,

      Automated thumbnail generation is definitely in the works.

      Interesting point about the pre-publish processors; we do have some plans in the pipeline for dynamic functionality within blocks.

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