Pagestead v1.1.0 released


Today we have released another much anticipated update for Pagestead: version 1.1.0.

This update includes quite a list of bug fixes, feature enhancements and new features. You can see the entire list on our changelog. Below I will cover a few of the new features we implemented with this update. For those doing manual updates, the update instructions for 1.1.0 can be found on the knowledge base.

Block management

We already made some big steps towards easier block management with our 1.0.5 update, however there was still some work left to do. Until 1.1.0, the Pagestead interface did not have the option to create a new block template file from scratch (you would need to create them locally and then upload them to your server via FTP or SSH). Now it’s possible to easily create new blocks! With 1.1.0 we are introducing the Block File Manager (located under Elements > Block files in the main navigation bar).

This file manager gives the Administrator access to all the files located in the Elements folder, so essentially all the files being used by the blocks. The File Manager allows you to upload files from your local computer or to create new files from scratch. Additionally, the File Manager comes with a source code editor, allowing you to easily edit file contents as shown in the animation below:

Pagestead Edit Files

In addition to using the File Manager, new blocks can also be created directly from within the Pagestead page builder. With this update, we have implemented three additional buttons in the block toolbars on the canvas. These three buttons have been added to the right side of the toolbar, are blue and are obviously only available to Administrator users.

The first button, with the round checkmark icon, allows you to save and override the original version of the current block. That means that, when changes are saved, every user who has access to the specific block will see those changes when he or she drags the block from the sidebar onto the canvas.

The second button, with the trash can icon, deletes the original version of this block. When deleted, this block will no longer be available from the sidebar.

The third and last button is a dropdown labeled “Clone block in:”. When clicked, the dropdown allows you to choose a block category to clone this block in. Once cloned, the block will be available from the sidebar.

Pagestead Block Toolbar

White label settings panel

With the 1.1.0 update, we have implemented a “white label” settings panel. The panel is located on the Settings page, in it’s own tab labeled “White label”. Within this panel, you’ll find three sections:

This section allows you to either upload an image logo or provide a text logo.

This section contains a wide variety of color options for different sections and parts of the Pagestead application.

Custom CSS
This section allows you to enter custom CSS which will be included in every page in the application.


Improvements to page templates

With the 1.1.0 update, we have also brought a number of improvements to the page template functionality. First and foremost, we have implement a dedicated panel from which page templates can be managed, this panel is available under “Templates” in the main navigation. There you can manage page template categories and page templates themselves. Page templates can also directly be edited, without having to open a different site in the page builder first.

Page template categories are a new feature as well in 1.1.0: page templates can now be placed in a category. Template categories are presented to the end-user in the template sidebar, in similar fashion as the block categories.

Additionally users can now choose a template directly from the Sites panel, before launching the page builder. When creating a new site, the end-user will be presented with a modal popup allowing him or her to either choose a page template or start with an empty canvas:

Pagestead Templates


Better Google fonts integration

Pagestead 1.1.0 comes with easier/better Google fonts integration. Administrator users can add their favorite Google fonts to the Settings panel. This will automatically make the fonts available in the page builder text editor as well as in published pages, exported pages and pages uploaded via (s)FTP.


What is next?

We’re currently putting the final touches on the auto update for 1.1.0 which will be made available tomorrow or Thursday. After this, we’ll be taking a little breather and set some time aside to deal with any possible issues or help out people experiencing problems with updating to the latest version (if you’re running into trouble, be sure to reach out over the forums and we’ll help out as soon as we can).

Next up we’ll start rolling out a closed beta/trial run for the new Hosted plans (if you have submitted your email address, we’ll be reaching out to you soon). Additionally, we’ll start planning the next update and a few other big things we have coming up (planning to do another blog post about these next week).

We hope everyone will enjoy Pagestead 1.1.0 as much as we enjoyed building it! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or remarks.

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  • Hi!

    1) How will users add Google Fonts? There are tons of fonts. Can admin install all the fonts or it will affect the performance of the builder? The admin might like Roboto when a user from Africa can like Monsterat. It’s not fair not to provide an option for users to add.

    2) How to create templates with multi pages? Otherwise, it’s also blocks combined on one.


  • Hi Matt,
    Thank you for your answer.

    1) I meant how users can add the Google fonts they want?
    I can add 100 fonts but the users might want to pick a different one.

    2) If I add 1000 fonts will this somehow slow down the page load?


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