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Dear Pagestead community, we have some exciting news! We have been acquired and that means we have a bunch of exciting things to share with you!

But first, we want to thank you for being on this journey with us. Pagestead is what it is today due to the loyalty, support, feedback, love, and input from all of you! We appreciate you. We appreciate everything you have done to move Pagestead forward these past few years.

Before we discuss the future, let’s briefly talk about Pagestead’s history.

Our passion has always been to create a world-class page builder.

There are different models for a software business. These include desktop/native apps, SAAS, and self-hosted applications. For Pagestead we chose the latter. In hindsight, this was not the right choice for a number of reasons. We really wanted to create a great page builder. However, progress in achieving this goal was often suppressed by the need for back-end related functionality. Things like payments systems, user management, etc. Things Pagestead needed to make it valuable as a self-hosted platform. Additionally, we had to deal with dozens of different web hosting solutions and server configurations. Not to mention the pains and frustrations related to issuing updates to hundreds of users, dealing with modifications to the code and scaling our support efforts to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

The bottom line is: while we worked on the back-end, work on the page builder itself was slow. We weren’t able to take it in the direction we wanted. Throwing bodies at the situation was not always the solution. Anyone with a coding background knows that training someone and getting them up to speed can take longer than doing it yourself, especially when they don’t work out.

At times it was hard to stay passionate about the project. It was rough not being able to focus on the features we wanted at the speed we wanted. This lead us to start looking into selling the company. We figured: “maybe we’ll try again with a SAAS model in the future”.

And sell the company we did. But the new owners agreed. They wanted the technology and they also wanted to keep me on board as a partner and maintain the existing Pagestead team. After a few weeks of negotiations, we finally decided on the terms and closed the deal. Just last week we signed the documents and made it official.

So, as off now, Pagestead in its previous shape is no more. The project will continue, albeit in a new direction and with a new name: GroovePages. The new owner of the company is world-renowned marketer and software developer Mike Filsaime along with his partners John Cornetta and Matt Serralta. And now me. Together, we will be embarking on a new journey, with some seriously ambitious plans!

GroovePages will be a SaaS company, and will no longer sell self-hosted software. It will start out as a page & funnel builder, with some unconventional approaches. In the near future, we will add features like e-commerce, affiliates and email marketing.

Here’s what’s going to happen in the months moving forward: in March of 2019, we are going to release the FINAL VERSION of Pagestead. This version will include several new features and a number of bugfixes (more info about the final update can be found on our roadmap page soon). This update will include things like exit/entry popups, modals, countdown timers and autoresponder integrations. This final update will be available for all existing Pagestead customers.

At the same time, we will be launching GroovePages 1.0, as a full SaaS version of the page builder software.

After this update, we will no longer ship any additional feature updates to Pagestead customers. We will continue to provide bug fixes, either on a per-case basis (through the regular support channels) or as an official update. Support will continue throughout 2019, and will cease on the 31st of December 2019.

Simultaneously, we will be working on GroovePages 2.0. This will be a near complete re-write of the existing page builder, including a new block and template framework, new drag and drop engine, new style and attribute editor, etc. There have been huge developments in Drag and Drop and CSS and frameworks and we are going to fully exploit those new technologies and make a new world-class product to rival anything on the market. Literally, we are going to leapfrog anything out there. We expect the 2.0 version to go live June or July 2019. More details on the 2.0 version will follow in the coming months: we don’t want to spill the beans just yet.

Towards the end of the year, we will be shutting down the existing Pagestead website. As mentioned, the support forums will remain open and active until the last day of the year. The codebase will remain available for downloading through Gumroad until the end of the year as well, after which it will be permanently deleted. Upon request, we will issue final downloads of the code outside of Gumroad before the 31st of December. From the 1st of January 2020, the Pagestead codebase will no longer be available.

O.K. So what will you get from here on out?

Existing customers who have purchased the Professional or the Enterprise plan will receive free access, for life, to the new GroovePages platform both version 1.0 and 2.0, as a user. You will never pay for using the platform and for future updates (please note that this does not include things like email infrastructure, sms portals, etc).

Of course, every existing Pagestead customer can keep and continue to develop your version of Pagestead on your own. GroovePages will now own all Pagestead intellectual property and will take over licensing of the Pagestead application. All purchased licenses will remain valid and enforced; nothing will change from a licensing point of view. You’re free to continue using and developing your copy of Pagestead.

We have been so excited to share this with you and now that everything is signed we can’t wait to start moving on the new project!

We are sure you are very excited as well and may have more questions. If so, feel free email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

The new co-founder, Mike Filsaime will be contacting you with more information soon. Keep an eye on the new GroovePages site for more details on the planned launches and features.

We will be in touch. Thanks

Matt Naus

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