New site and live demo (finally!)


New SB Pro site

Today’s the day we finally launched the new SB Pro / Pagestead site. It’s been in the works for a while, and due to everything else that’s been happening the past weeks, it took a little longer than we initially planned for. But alas, today we’re finally making it live! The old site was mainly geared towards collecting email addresses and soliciting pre-orders and contained rather limited information regarding SB Pro / Pagestead, both in terms of visuals and written content. We think we’re doing a better job describing what SB Pro / Pagestead is and can do with the new site. We’re always happy to receive feedback, so don’t hold back and reach out if you’d like.

Live demo

Together with the new site, we’re also finally launching the live demo. We’ve been receiving multiple requests for a live demo on a daily basis for the past months¬†so we’re very happy we’re able to¬†finally provide potential customers with a demo to play with before deciding wether to purchase a license. Since the initial demo is a shared one, meaning multiple users have access to the same demo, we had to disable certain features of the application, mainly: exporting sites, creation of new users and packages and changing application settings. For users who are interested in a full featured demonstration of SB Pro / Pagestead, we will soon be offering scheduled demos where will give potential customers temporary access to a full featured version of SB Pro / Pagestead to test and try out.

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