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Update schedule

We have been getting some questions about what’s next for SB Pro / Pagestead now that we have finally officially launched. And, in particular, when the next update can be expected. So let’s start with that one; we’re planning to release one update per week for at least the next four weeks. If this update schedule turns out to work well and without complications, we might decide to stick with it. We will be releasing these updates on Mondays starting with next week (Monday the 12th of June). Once we release the update, we’ll also publish a change log for the newly released version.

Live demo

As for what else is coming moving forward; we are getting bombarded with requests for a live demo. This makes perfect sense and honestly, we should have had one live by now. But, with everything that’s been happening, we have not yet gotten around to it. We’re working on this right now and are planning to have it live in the next week. This demo will have some functionality disabled, both for security reasons and to guarantee the quality of the demo. Due to this, we will also offer potential buyers the opportunity to schedule a demo of the full product, without any limitations. Together with the live demo, we will also launch a new web site for SB Pro / Pagestead.

Dedicated support site

Last, but not least, we are working on a dedicated support site for SB Pro / Pagestead. This site will have forums, a knowledge base and live chat (for those with a Professional or Enterprise package). This means we will, in time, wind down the dedicated SB Pro / Pagestead Slack group chat. Although it was a great way to get going, we are finding it harder and harder to organize support requests and make sure everyone gets an answer (if you have posted something in the chat and we haven’t replied, we’re very sorry! Please feel free to keep pestering us until you do get a reply). Even though we will be winding down the Slack chat, customers who purchased a Professional or Enterprise package will still be able to access live chat support via the new support site. All in all, we feel this move is needed to be able to provide the best support possible.

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