Improved image gallery, auto-update functionality and 2checkout integration


It’s been another busy week here at Pagestead HQ; we finally broke ground one some much needed improvements to the image library in the page builder. Until now, end-users could only upload images with being able to either resize or crop images. Obviously, this severely limited the usage of images in the page builder and over the past months we’ve received numerous requests for improvements in this area.

The new image library

After the next update, end-users will be presented with a totally revamped image library with drag& drop upload (even allowing end-users to drag&drop images from other web sites in order to upload these into their image library) and resize and cropping functionality. Although we’re still working on the described functionality, here are a few screenshots to give an idea of what this new image library will look like:

Additionally, we’re implementing thumbnail generation in order to increase page load speed and decrease the page builder’s footprint.

Even though it’s still in the early stages, we can already see it take shape and we’re convinced the page builder’s end-users are going to love this new functionality!

Migrations in the auto-update feature

Many of you are already familiar with our auto-update feature, making it super easy to upgrade to the latest version of Pagestead. Up until now, the auto update could only handle basic file updates. However, with several complex updates coming out soon (Paypal integration comes to mind), we will need the auto-update to be able to update the core database as well. To this end, we are working on integrating CodeIgniter’s migration functionality into our auto-update code. This will pave the way for us to push more complex update out through the auto-update.

2Checkout integration

After finalizing integration of Paypal into Pagestead, we are now looking into the possibilities of integrating 2Checkout as well. We have received numerous requests from (potential) customers who live in countries without access to either Stripe or Paypal. As it turns out, in most cases 2Checkout is indeed available. So hopefully we’ll be able to hookup Pagestead with 2Checkout so we can offer payment processing to those without access to Stripe or Paypal.

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