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How to plan a website redesign

How to plan a website redesign

Why should you redesign your website? It’s been a while since you’ve updated the look and feel of your website. And you’re ready for a change. Maybe you want to get more leads, maybe you just want to modernize your website. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to make sure your planning, and research set you up for success. But what do you need to do in order to successfully redesign your website? It...

3 Reasons You Should Launch a DIY Website Builder for Your Clients

3 Reasons You Should Launch a DIY Website Builder for Your Clients

Your clients deserve the very best when you build them a website. The perfect design, the right sections for content, features, and other information. All of these things can make or break a clients website. That’s why you should let your clients participate. Give your clients a DIY website builder. A DIY website builder lets you start building a website by editing elements right on the page...

sFTP Library for CodeIgniter


As mentioned in previous posts, implementing FTP publishing has been taking up a lot of our time recently. Although CodeIgniter ships with a fully functional FTP library, the same does not apply for a sFTP library. While working on this feature, we found several outdates code repositories out there, however none of them was working properly. Therefor, we had no other path forward than...

6 Enterprise CMS solutions to offer to your clients


Content Management Systems (CMS) are used to create and manage digital web content. You can use the software to create web pages, create and distribute copy and media, and manage websites. The most useful types of software offer extensions and themes that add different elements like modules, plugins, widgets, etc. Below are some of the software packages that digital web design and development...

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How to use custom hook points with CodeIgniter

How to use CodeIgniter hooks with custom hook points

In this article I will explain the process of implementing a custom hook point infrastructure allowing you to place custom hook points throughout functions in your controllers. This comes in handy when you want people to be able to modify a CodeIgniter application without modifying the original controller files. The result is similar to the way WordPress lets developers modify it without changing...

7 Tips for Hiring and Working with Remote Developers


Digital agencies often times decide to hire remote developers, whether it’s because they do not have any in-house developers, their in-house developers don’t have enough time or their in-house developers don’t possess the required skillset for a certain project. Hiring remote developers, especially for agencies not going through these motions regularly, can be a rocky road. During the past twelve...

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