A/B testing your landing pages

A/B testing your landing pages

A/B testing is the art of trying two different versions of something out and seeing what gets better results. You can A/B test email campaigns, paid ad campaigns, and many other marketing activities. But today, we are going to talk about doing A/B testing on your website. Specifically with your landing pages. This can be trickier than doing A/B testing for email campaigns for example because...

Inbound marketing for digital agencies

Inbound marketing for digital agencies

An Inbound Marketing Primer for Digital Agencies If you haven’t harnessed the power of inbound marketing, you could be losing customers and sales to your more savvy competitors. Inbound marketing allows companies of all sizes to compete on a level playing field without having to spend a fortune on print, direct mail or television advertising. I. What is inbound marketing? Simply put...

What Are Personas, Why Do They Matter, and How Do You Create Them?

What are personas, why do they matter and how do you create them

Apple, it goes without saying, is one of the most successful companies on earth. With Bloomberg recently reporting it as the first company to ever be valued at $800 billion, it’s hard to imagine a world where Apple isn’t on top. Before it became the technology giant we all know, however, Apple originally had trouble generating interest among consumers. Business Insider explained in...

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