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Companies with the best design systems (why component based design is important)


Design systems are becoming increasingly popular for companies to adopt and share with the general public. With many of the major platform brands like Google, and Microsoft making their design systems public, there has been an increasing amount of exposure for the concept of not only creating a design system but making it available to the world at large. The rapid pace at which technology on...

Advantages of using themes and theme blocks

Advantages of using themes and theme blocks

If you work with websites, you’ve likely already noticed that there are patterns when it comes to creating them. They aren’t as bespoke as some people might have you assume. Many aspects of vastly different websites are identical. And yet sometimes it seems as though development spends time redoing the same thing over and over again. If only there were a way to save time. Well, there are many...

3 Reasons You Should Launch a DIY Website Builder for Your Clients

3 Reasons You Should Launch a DIY Website Builder for Your Clients

Your clients deserve the very best when you build them a website. The perfect design, the right sections for content, features, and other information. All of these things can make or break a clients website. That’s why you should let your clients participate. Give your clients a DIY website builder. A DIY website builder lets you start building a website by editing elements right on the page...

Static HTML vs WordPress

Static HTML vs WordPress

When people start a website for their business, they must choose one from several website options to present their services. For ease of use, coupled with general utility, many will use either a WordPress site or a few static HTML pages. Here’s a look at both static HTML and WordPress to help you figure out which option may work best for you and your business. The Difference Between Static...

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7 Alternatives To WordPress Offering Easy Drag-n-Drop Functionality


Unless you are living under a rock, there is no chance you haven’t heard about WordPress – the ultimate leader in the content management platform market. More than 75 million sites depend on WordPress, as the content management system is translated into 40 languages and available everywhere. Almost half (48%) of the top 100 Blogs according to the Technorati List are managed with WordPress...

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