Advanced image library, improved package options and Enterprise blocks


In this post I will briefly go over what’s been happening at Pagestead HQ the past week.

Advanced image library

This has been a fairly large set of tasks and therefor it’s taken a while to fully implement. We are now at the final stages of implementing our brand new, more advanced image library. With this new functionality users can:

  • Crop images before uploading
  • Crop already uploaded images
  • Resize uploaded images
  • Fixed the original aspect ratio when resizing images

Additionally, the load time of the entire library has decreased due to the implementation of server-side thumbnails. The new image library will be available with the next major update.

Improved package options

Another feature we are currently spending significant time on is the package functionality. The initial options available for membership packages were rather limited; only the publishing/hosting options and the number of sites could be set (in addition to the pricing options). We have received numerous requests the past two months to expand the available package options and we’re now honoring those requests by implementing the following additional package options:

  1. Exporting sites (choose to disable/enable the exporting feature per package)
  2. The allowed disk space for uploading images (set a maximum in MB per package)
  3. Available templates (specify which templates will be available per package)

These three new options will be available with the next major update. In addition to these three new options, we will also be implementing block restrictions, so you can configure which blocks will be available for which package. This last option will not yet be available with the next update though.

Enterprise blocks

Those customers who purchased our Enterprise package will be pleased to know we will be releasing an additional 200 blocks soon. We are currently in the final testing phase and hope to complete this next week. If all goes well and no major issues arise, we will be releasing the additional 200 blocks next week.

We are aware that specs for the Enterprise package specify an additional 250 blocks, not 200. However, during the development of now 450 blocks in total, we realized that we have reached the maximum number of useful blocks given the current limitations of our page builder. Therefor, we have decided we will release the additional 200 blocks first. After this, we will start implementing support for additional block features (for example: more advanced slideshows/carousels, parallax blocks, countdown timers, etc) before implementing additional blocks.

We feel Pagestead would benefit more from focussing on additional block features at this point, rather then more blocks with the same features as the other 450 blocks. Enterprise customers will receive ALL additional blocks released in the future for free. For customers who purchased the Starter or Professional package, we might provide an update path allowing you to access the additional blocks as well (for an additional charge); more information on this matter will be published on our blog in the near future.

As always, we welcome everyone to share your thoughts, comments and questions in the comments below.

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  • When will we be able to export via FTP?

    Also, if we could set that up on the Admin side, so the users have no knowledge or option to change it would be even better.

    • Hey Cory,

      FTP publishing is on the roadmap, but we don’t have a fixed timeframe I’m afraid. It won’t be with the next update though. There’s a good chance it will be available with the update after the next one.

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