Additional block packs for SB Pro / Pagestead


Today we’re releasing two separate SB Pro / Pagestead block packs containing block templates ready for usage in SB Pro / Pagestead. Towards the end of the year we released additional blocks for the Enterprise package and since then we have had a number of requests, mostly from Professional license customers, to release the additional Enterprise blocks as a separate add-on for Starter and Professional customers.

So  in order to allow Starter and Professional customers to benefit from these additional blocks, we have released two packs:

  1. The Yummy pack – 153 blocks for $149 (preview blocks)
  2. The Parrot pack – 220 blocks for $249 (preview blocks)

If you’re currently on the Starter plan, both of the packs could be beneficial (the Yummy pack contains only blocks which are not included in the Starter package, so there’s no overlap). If you’re on the Professional plan, only the Parrot pack would be beneficial (since the Professional plan already includes all the Yummy blocks). If you’re an Enterprise customers, you already have access to all available blocks.

Currently, the blocks are distributed per package as follows:

  • Starter: 100+ from the Yummy pack
  • Professional: all blocks from the Yummy pack
  • Enterprise: all blocks from the Yummy pack and all blocks from the Parrot pack

Additional blocks

We do have plans to release additional blocks for SB Pro / Pagestead later this year. As with the currently available blocks, we will make these available as add-ons for Starter and Professional customers.

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