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Some great alternatives to WordPress in 2018


If you’re using self-hosted WordPress for a website, storefront, or a blog you’ve likely seen alternatives out and about in the market. But why would you switch? WordPress has a lot of great features that make it very extensible and easy to use. WordPress websites power 30% of sites on the internet according to VentureBeat. It powers many of the websites we see in our daily lives, and it receives...

The best lightweight CSS frameworks in 2018


When creating when websites web designers and developers often use CSS frameworks to save time. If you’re a designer or a developer, you’re likely familiar with the most popular frameworks, Bootstrap and Foundation. But the trend in recent years has been to reduce the size of the files needed in these CSS frameworks. In this post, we’ll outline some of the most popular lightweight CSS frameworks...

Github vs. Bitbucket vs. Gitlab

Github vs. Bitbucket vs. Gitlab

Managing your repositories is more important than ever before. And there are also more choices than ever before. Collaborative software development has seen the rise of three very popular and widely adopted tools for managing repositories. These tools allow for developers to collaboratively edit files and create and maintain various versions of a software project in one place. Modern software...

Should you be using Google AMP


Mobile web experiences have come a long way since the days of creating a separate instance of your website for mobile. Everyone remembers the early days of the mobile web, using to visit the mobile version of a site. We graduated away from that practice and moved to the more sane concept of responsive web design. However, even with responsive design, there are still problems that...

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Advantages of using themes and theme blocks

Advantages of using themes and theme blocks

If you work with websites, you’ve likely already noticed that there are patterns when it comes to creating them. They aren’t as bespoke as some people might have you assume. Many aspects of vastly different websites are identical. And yet sometimes it seems as though development spends time redoing the same thing over and over again. If only there were a way to save time. Well, there are many...

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