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Changes to the Pagestead packages & public roadmap

Changes to the Pagestead packages & public roadmap

Changes to the Pagestead packages As off today (Monday, the 23rd of February 2018), we have made some changes to the Pagestead packages. Please note that all the changes mentioned in this post will only apply to new customers. For customers who purchased a package before today, the old terms will remain in place. For the time being, we are keeping the three existing tiers: Starter, Professional...

SB Pro is now called Pagestead!

SB Pro is now called Pagestead

Yes, we did it! We went ahead and decided to changes names; SB Pro is now called Pagestead. It took us a long while to decide on whether to change the name and even longer on what to change it to. We finally decided on Pagestead. We feel it has a nice ring to it and makes sense for this project. Additionally, it was available! Why did we change the name We actually have a number of reasons:...

Pagebreak v1.0.5 released


It’s been a long time coming, but today we’re finally launching the official 1.0.5 update. Existing customers should have received an email from Gumroad with links to the update. Additionally, the auto update for 1.0.5 will be released in the coming hours. Although we’re very happy¬† with the update and we were able to get a lot done, the entire team is well aware of the fact...

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