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Additional block packs for SB Pro / Pagestead

Pagestead - additional blocks

Today we’re releasing two separate SB Pro / Pagestead block packs containing block templates ready for usage in SB Pro / Pagestead. Towards the end of the year we released additional blocks for the Enterprise package and since then we have had a number of requests, mostly from Professional license customers, to release the additional Enterprise blocks as a separate add-on for Starter and...

SB Pro / Pagestead in 2018


Let’s kick off this first post of the year by wishing each and everyone a happy and prosperous 2018. Let’s continue rockin’ and rollin’ in the new year! 2017 was a very exciting year for us, with the official launch of SB Pro / Pagestead, growing our customer base to just north of 140 customers and tons of feedback from and interesting discussions with our wonderful...

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